3 Weird & Wonderful Anti Aging Tips


Keeping and feeling young is a bi product of a few simple principles of life and of the universe, repeated over time. The body is a process which reacts to how you treat it and reflects the habits and rituals you do everyday.

Feeling young is a good place to start if you want to appear younger, and in order to feel young, there are 3 clever tricks to giving your body everything it needs to create the relaxed and care free atmosphere that most young people possess.

1. Intense Exercise: Run short distances in an explosive, fast way as often as you can.


Endurance exercise breaks down the body over time and can cause injuries which often leads to stagnant bodies and habits. Short intense movement releases anti aging chemicals in the body which work towards your goal of remaining youthful and vibrant.

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2. Living Foods: Foods with life include raw fruits and vegetables which come from trees and from the earth. The more living foods you eat, the more life you will have.


Top anti aging Foods:

a. Dark Leafy Greens b. Fresh Fruit

3. Your Thoughts: Choose happiness over being irritated and being the victim of circumstance.

Thoughts that create an uncomfortable view of life break down the body at the cellular level and tell

the body that it shouldn’t live or shouldn’t thrive. Embrace life for it’s many facets, comedies and paradoxes and choose to look at every moment as an opportunity of growth and ultimately happiness.

The more you follow these 3 simple rules and teach your body these new habits of living, you’re body will reward you with incredible benefits and then some.


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