4 Drinks That Shrink Your Belly

For as long as fitness has been on society’s radar, people have sought more effective ways to lose those extra pounds. One of the biggest methods is by cutting out soft drinks; people intuitively know that all that extra sugar doesn’t help.

However, a lot of people have trouble making the switch to water, even though it’s the lowest caloric choice. After years of sugary drinks, water is just so plain. But wouldn’t it be better to lose weight by drinking it off? Here are a few drinks that shrink your belly.

Morning detox lemon water in glasses and fresh lemons over

1. Coffee Yes, your morning coffee can help you lose weight. Coffee (taken black) contains no calories, and is actually an appetite suppressant. This is due in part to the caffeine; while cutting back on calories, it’s normal to be hungry. Coffee can help stave off those urges.

Another effect the caffeine has is to kick start your metabolism to the point you burn more fat just going about your day to day activities. If you’re limited on funds, coffee also makes a great pre-workout supplement; the caffeine gives you the kick you need to get in the gym first thing in the morning.

2. Herbal Tea: While it may not have the same flavor that a cup full of tea, sweetened with honey and two sugars might have, herbal tea can be quite good for you. Used for thousands of years in Asia as a natural remedy to a number of problems, the nutrients in herbal tea can help to soothe aches and pains throughout the body.

Served hot, it’s a great way to warm up on cold days, and the antioxidants contained within help to cleanse your body of any toxins. Provided you do not use sugar, herbal tea is zero calories, and contains less caffeine than coffee does.

3. Skim Milk Milk is high in protein and calories, but drinking low fat or skim milk can help to counteract that. Milk is a common drink of choice for people trying to build muscle mass without gaining fat, and if done in moderation, it can help you enter a recomposition period where the amount of muscle in your body overcomes the amount of fat. Almond milk and soya milk are the best options for high protein without animal hormones which aren’t optimally processable by the human body.

This is a slow process, and milk should not be all you drink; however, the right type of milk can still be had for breakfast and on occasion throughout the day.

4. Lemon Water It’s water, but with flavor. Lemon water has so few calories that you don’t have to bother counting, and the antioxidants it gains from the lemon help to clean our body of any harmful materials. Lemon water contributes to digestion, working in many cases like a natural laxative. However, it also works as an appetite suppressant, much like coffee, making it easier for you to ignore the hunger pangs and keep to your diet.

This is because of the pectin fiber found in lemon. On top of those benefits, it just tastes good, and makes a fine replacement for sugar drinks.

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