Almond Oil For Skin Care & Anti Aging


Almond oil is the natural solution to a healthy hair and a glowing skin

Almond oil is a rich source of oil and has been used for body and hair massages since ancient times. It is a species of a tree native to the Middle East and South Africa. The oil has several important nutrients and is rich in vitamin A, D and E which helps in strong hair growth. The vitamin E acts as a hair conditioner. Almond oil also makes your hair shinier and if applied along with neem oil helps in controlling dandruff too.

Almond oil is a natural cleanser and the best moisturizer for your face

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Almond oil is the best massage oil which leaves your skin soft and smooth. Regular use of almond oil on your face can help lighten the dark circles under your eyes. It also helps treat pimples on ones face without leaving any ugly marks behind. If you complain about black heads on your face or have any mild scars then you can get rid of them as well by judiciously applying almond oil in the affected areas.

People who have an oily skin can also benefit from almond oil. This oil is completely different from the acne producing oil which produces greasy oil called sebum that clogs the pores with debris. Almond oil dissolves the sebum and cleans the pores thus treating acne.

Almond oil is an essential oil used in skin and hair treatments

Almost oil is widely used in many skin and hair related treatments. It is the essential oil for any Ayurvedic massages. The fatty acids contained in the oil helps retain the skin moisture. It is a natural face exfoliator and keeps your skin healthy and glowing.

Every hair or skin product is sure to have a large percentage of almond oil in its composition. It can be applied on children as well as adults. However being a form of nut, people who are prone to nut allergies should avoid using this oil even externally.

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