Anti-Aging Effects of Collagen Supplements


The effect of collagen on skin is often said to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with the effects of aging on skin over time.

Few understand why this is however, and may even think that beauty products that proclaim to fight aging are nothing more than cleansers, moisturisers and supplements that have a few helpful vitamins.

So in this guide we look at the truth behind collagen building products and explain why collagen is so important in your quest to stay looking younger for longer.

Why collagen is so important to fighting the effects of aging

Collagen provides skin with texture and its underlying structure; all in all there are 25 different types of collagen found in the body, and it works hand in hand with the body’s elastin. This collagen, in its most basic form, is a protein that forms the basis of the connective tissues found in all mammals. Elastin works well with collagen because it is a ‘stretchable’ protein, which means that it provides the skin with elasticity that allows it to ‘bounce’ back; in many ways, elastin can be considered as the ‘film’ on a person’s skin.

Collagen is tasked with maintaining the skin’s hydration and healthy levels of collagen are needed to ensure skin stays looking plumped out and subtle. Because of the density of collagen, and the fact that it can hold water many times its own weight, it makes for an effective material for holding lotions, cleansers and moisturisers.

Maintaining a healthy level of collagen
Ensuring that you maintain a healthy level of collagen is vitally important, particularly as women naturally lose around 1% of their collagen year on year; luckily there are products out there that have been proven to increase collagen levels by around 25%, which is pretty impressive given the short periods in which they’re tested.

What is collagen powder?
Collagen powder is similar to the majority of collagen building supplements, however because of its powder form there has been research that suggests it is more effective than other traditional methods of building collagen. It additionally offers an alternative to those that struggle to take tablets.

For those that are looking for optimum results, you may wish to couple your collagen powder up with collagen plumping creams; using duel products will ensure that you skin is being plumped from the outside in as well as the inside out.

Building collagen back up and maintaining a good level is vital if you’re to stay looking as youthful for as long as possible. Your beauty routine needn’t involve hundreds of different creams and supplements, in fact, using few products that are effective is far better than frequently switching between products that may have varying success rates. Biocorrex produce products based on solid scientific foundations, their products are tried and tested and ensure that the 1% lost in collagen per year is far surpassed by the collagen that is gained by using their products.


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