Bid Farewell to Ugly Ageing Signs – Say Yes to White Tea Benefits!

Do you feel heartsick to watch the grisly signs of ageing popping up? Sad but true, ageing symptoms appear pretty early in age these days. Blame it on pollution, stressful lifestyle and food habits that have taken a menacing toll on our lives. Witnessing issues like saggy dull skin, loss of radiance, wrinkles, crow’s feet, pigmentation and fine lines is very obvious. Probably a prime reason why innovation of revolutionary anti-aging products has skyrocketed by leaps and bounds! However, don’t you believe that genuine organic remedies play the hardball in the safest way possible?


Why opt for botox, chemical peelings and synthetic cosmetic remedies when natural items like white tea and oolong tea can cater for the same cause in a yet more effective way?

White tea benefits:

Certainly you’ve picked a lot of info on green tea, a rich resource of anti-oxidants. White tea is no different. Infact, it is a much better and effective option. All sorts of tea up for grabs like white, black, green and oolong are extracted from the leaves of Camellia sinensis. Wondering what’s the difference? How on earth does white tea or oolong tea mark high grades? Well, it is the degree of processing that plays a big-league role here. Black tea goes through optimum oxidation process and is completely fermented. Oolong tea on the other hand is slightly fermented and oxidized. What tops the charts is the white tea. They are the least processed ones, chockfull of catechins and anti-oxidants. Let’s take a quick look at a few obvious white tea benefits!

1. Peps-Up the Skin’s Immune System – Yes, you’ve heard it right! White tea extracts are loaded with befitting active compounds that play a miraculous role in sprucing up the skin’s natural immune system. This certainly puts a screeching halt to exorbitant damage caused due to oxidation stress or surplus UV exposure.

2. Kiss Goodbye to Hideous Aging Signs – Stay clear from ageing troubles, at-least for a while. Indeed one of the astounding white tea benefits, this magical organic ingredient delays the appearance of grisly ageing syndromes in a spry.

3. Improve the Overall Skin Matrix – A cut-back in collagen secretion decreases the ratio of elastin the skin. As a result, the skin loses its firmness and paves way for heart-wrenching ageing offshoots like wrinkles, crow’s feet and fine lines. White tea extracts beef up collagen production effectively and takes care of the issue in the best way possible!

Another variant of tea topping the charts in terms of health benefits is oolong tea. Also known as Wu Long, this tea is pretty popular with the Chinese and is served alongside meals even today. Oolong tea, discovered from the Fujian province of China is a wonder ingredient. These tea leaves are minimally processed and oxidized leaving colossal quantities of catechins and caffeine packed in the leaves. Well known as a breathtaking natural variant of tea that combats free radicals like none other, Oolong tea benefits are pretty huge. Do you wish to get schooled about some at-least? Take a look…….

1. Youthful Skin Up for Grabs – Oolong tea benefits for flamboyant radiant skin is known to all and sundry. Rich with anti-oxidants, oolong tea extracts fight allergens and free radicals in an unbelievably effective way. It helps in balancing moisture in the organ. Last but not the least, this tea works wonders by improving collagen production too!

2. Health Favoring Option – From regulating blood sugar to cutting down cholesterol and boosting up metabolism, oolong tea benefits are big league. The tea is also known to revitalize brain condition for optimum functioning and performance.


With ample white tea benefits and oolong tea benefits up for grabs, it is pointless to stick to expensive and chemically induced anti-ageing cosmetic regimen!


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