Skincare Baby Bath Tips

Bath time is fun for them, it's a special time where you are endlessly talking to them about anything and everything about your day or anything on your mind.

But keep in mind of these things!

The first thing is pretty obvious, never ever leave your baby out of your sight!  Not even a second.  Babies can easily drown in water.  If someone knocks on the door or the phone rings, take your baby with you.

Make sure the temperature in the bathroom is at a comfortable level.  Babies are small little creatures, so make sure it stays warm in there.  Some babies are super sensitive to heaters or air conditioning, so be careful with them.

Make sure the bathtub or baby tub, whatever it is that you're using is safe and sound.  You don't want your baby to slip or your hands to slip and baby's head goes against the wall or side of anything hard.  

Don't let the baby stand on the tub, teach him or her to sit.  

Try not to use bubble baths too much, unless it's organic.  Some bubble bath can be harmful to the baby's skin and can cause allergic reaction.  

And last but not least, but keep electronics away from the water!

These are only a few tips, just be careful with your beloved!  And most importantly, have fun and enjoy giving him or her a bath with Skincare Baby Products!