Does My Baby Have Sensitive Skin?

So the biggest questions most parents have regarding their baby's skin is, "How do I know if my baby has sensitive skin?"

It's quite simple to distinguish this.  If he or she gets rashes or dry skin quite frequently, you may need to take notes of this.  This is usually cause by certain soaps, lotions, detergents, bathing regimens, temperature and weather changes.  All these variables can lead to them having different reactions, and translate into sensitive skin.

The best way to isolate the problem is by using organic products, allergens-free products, etc.  This will help eliminate most of the problems already.  Bubble baths aren't always the greatest thing for babies, they look fun but terrible for their skin!

If an itchy, red rash appears anywhere on them, stop immediately using whatever products you may be using because this will harm his or her skin in the long run. 

In short, the best solution to keep their skin super baby smooth is to use organic products that your pediatrician approves of (like Skincare Baby!) products.  Do not use detergent that has perfumes or dyes as that leads to irritation for not only babies but adults as well sometimes.  

Also, if you are giving your babies a full bath everyday, it's not necessary at all  A full bath 2-3 times a week is plenty as long you keep their face, hands, and bottom cleaned everyday!