Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making

Being a parent is the most rewarding experience anyone can ever ask for.  However it is also one of the hardest things to do in life.  The lack of sleep, the constant worrying, those are just the tip of the iceberg.

The first thing to fully understand is that babies are tough!  Parents do not need to panic over anything and everything.  Babies will vomit, spit, crying, crying too little, crying too much, all these things are normal for babies.  It's part of his or her growth process.

Which leads us into our next point, let them cry!!!  They need to develop their voices and it's simply their job.  It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong or anything of that sort.  It's simply how babies communicate.

One thing to note is, be aware of any fever the first 3 months that's over 100.4 degrees.  An infact's immune system is very important the first 3 months and precautions should be taken seriously during this time.  

Babies are a lot of work, sometimes we tend to forget what is going on around us.  Do not neglect your spouse and marriage during this time.  Try to get family or friends who you can trust to take care of your baby for a night.  Try to go out on a dinner date no matter how tired you are.  A happy spouse relationship translates into a happier baby.  

Another common mistake most parents do is listening to other people's advice.  Yes, they may have more experience than you if they have two kids already.  Just make sure you don't go to the wrong places for parenting advice.  Trust yourself, only you know your beloved ones best!