How To Get a Natural Facelift

There are many people who have access to natural forms of anti aging techniques which are mostly used and desired by people who work in show business.

Many people looking to appear younger or keep their youth turn to medical procedures to enhance the plumpness of their skin artificially. Sometimes this can lead to unwanted side effects, but there are other natural methods to enhance the plumpness and the natural tightness of the skin.

Some of the side effects of artificial face lifts include:

1) Pain – Can last between 2 weeks to 6 months
2) Swelling – Can last weeks and you may be unrecognizable
3) Numbness – Can last between 6 and 9 months
4) Bruising – Up to 8 weeks. Can confuse and cause worry.
5) Surgical Risks – Bad reaction to anesthesia, complications with healing, other surgical mishaps.

Often surgeries that can affect the rest of your life, demand allot of thorough research and reputable practitioners and responsible surgeons. Apart from this, costs hidden fees can add up to large amounts which can create debt.

Those of us who have the budget for it are choosing to skip facelift procedures and opting for more sustainable methods that will last in the long run.


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Your skin is your body’s largest organ and is the last section which emits what is going on underneath. Things you can do to keep your skin younger:

1) Detoxify your body 2) Wash your body with natural soaps and oils 3) Exercise Daily (Helps release anti aging chemicals ie. Colagen) 4) Receive allot of sun 5) Drink Plenty of water (2-3 Liters Daily) 6) Use coconut oil on your skin as a natural exfoliant

7) Go for the natural option before applying chemicals onto the skin

Sleeping is the most powerful natural skin rejuvenation practice available. The value of a good night’s sleep can set you up and give you an extra leg up for the next day. Other benefits include keeping skin tightening chemicals time to be released throughout your body and take effect.


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