Miracle Beans: The Anti Aging Power of Fava Beans


Fava beans are a powerful anti aging and health promoting food that provide a rich source of protein without the side effects of animal based protein.

Fava beans are encased in a natural soft velvet wrap which is as special as it’s content. Fava beans help with:

1. Youthful physique & Athletic performance 2. Menopause 3. Regulate blood pressure 4. Heals Skin 5. Increases Bone development 6. Enhances vision 7. Helps the Heart

8. Aids in Digestion

Fava beans Raw Recipe: 1. Add favabeans into a bowl 2. Add Olive Oil (1/2 to 2/3) 3. Add vinegar (1/4) 4. Add Red Onion (1/2 cup sliced) 5. Add Garlic (1/2 cup sliced) 6. Sea Salt – Cores Celtic (1 1/2 table spoons) 7. Add Black Pepper 8. Mix and Swirl

9. Leave to marinate (4-5hrs)

Serve and Enjoy!


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