Skinny Guy Gains Muscle without Supplements


Gregg Valentino is a man that was so addicted to steroid use that he was injecting it directly into his biceps. The end result is figuration and scarring when his biceps basically exploded. Still sound worth it? Most people say no.

Does that mean you are doomed to being a skinny guy forever? Nope. It just means that if you want to successfully add lean muscle mass you are going to have to work and work hard. The question will ask is “Is it worth it?”. Ask any formerly skinny guy and they will get a resounding yes. Brandon (names have been changed) had this to say when asked that very question, “I spent a lot of time in the gym, even on days when I didn’t want to go.

I forced myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry. I got out of bed even though every single muscle in my body was begging me to stay in bed. But was it worth it? I have the confidence to walk around at the beach without a shirt on. When people look in my direction, I know its because I look great. I have more confidence at work and with women.” Brandon’s experiences are typical of the formerly skinny. They feel great and they look great. A lot of that can be attributed to the fact that they do it without steroids.

The key to joining the formerly skinny guy club revolves around a complete change in the way you work out. Getting big isn’t just a matter of hitting the gym and working until you can’t feel anything. Isolation exercises are developed for people with a) normal genetics or b) have some toxic “stack” of steroids coursing through their veins. For the average skinny guy, isolation sets are an exercise in frustration. A balanced work out plan for the skinny guy should include:

– Core strength workouts. Strength is about more than simply looking big or seeing muscle. Building real strength makes you strong. Being strong makes your body naturally release the growth hormones necessary for gaining muscle mass.

– Increase your testosterone naturally. This doesn’t mean using natural supplements that mimic testosterone. Regularly increasing the amount of resistance will naturally increase testosterone production. By increasing it naturally, you don’t run the risk of over taxing your internal organs. Genetics will limit the amount of testosterone you can produce.

– Strengthen smaller muscle groups. Focus on exercises that train main muscle groups along with the supporting muscle fibers. More muscle fibers mean larger muscles.

– Limit your time at the gym. Most weight training plans follow an interval training plan which gives a workout similar to running a marathon. For a skinny guy this will only serve to limit an available calorie which limits muscle growth. A short explosive session conserves calories and lets your body use them in the production of lean muscle mass. 1-2 hour marathon sessions will be counterproductive for skinny guys.

– Rest days. Rest days are important for the average guy. Rest days are especially important for the skinny guy. Your overloaded muscles need time to rest and repair themselves.

– Eat with a purpose. You have to fuel your workouts. If you can eat anything you want and still stay skinny, you have to work even harder to make sure that you are eating all the right foods. Proper nutrition calls for higher protein and healthy fats. Many formerly skinny guys learned to mix protein shakes in the morning and drink them throughout the day.

Obviously a lot more work is required than the inject – work out – get huge workout plan, but the body that it builds is naturally stronger, faster and bigger without the ugly side effects.


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