The Power of Mangoes


Mangos | Photo via Flickr

Fruits are sweet, juicy, great for desserts and snacks and have incredible health benefits. Mangoes have huge health benefits and provide a whole host of essential vitamins that the body needs.

The most important thing to note about fruit is that it is a slow energy release food. Sugar from fruit does not compare to refined sugar which is a quick energy release type of food and promotes fat storage.

Sugar molecules in fruits are larger providing you long lasting energy which does not give you ups and downs in energy.

Some of the health benefits of mangoes are as follows:

1. Digestion. The high fiber content in mangoes is conducive to a healthier and regular bowel movement. Mango peels are often given as a remedy for stomach mucus and fresh tender mangoes are a great of diarrhea, constipation and other intestinal ailments.

2. Boosts sexual performance. Mangoes contain vitamin e which help to regulate your body’s hormonal level. This helps increase your sex drive and the mangoes sweet taste transfers to sexual body fluids.

3. Controls weight gain. Mangoes can satisfy your sweet tooth with the side effects of refined sugar such as fat storage and fat gain.

4. Memory. Glutamine acid present in mangoes has been noted to increase memory recall and keep brain cells active.

5. Smooth & Plump skin. Mangoes help heal clogged pores and enhance the plumpness and firmness of the skin.

There are no side effects to eating ripe delicious fruits and your body’s begging for it so never put a limit on the things your body needs and craves.


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