The Secrets of Longevity from the Longest Living People on Earth

The Okinawan people are said to be one of the longest living, well aging group in the world. Some of their longevity secrets include daily practices from all over the land which include physical as well as internal practices that are a natural part of their daily lives.

Some of the emotional philosophies include: 1. Relaxing 2. Keeping Active 3. Riding Bicycles 4. Generosity

5. Appreciation for everything one has

Cultural elements: 1. Concept for retirement does not exist 2. Sweet potato (high in vitamin A) are nutritional staples Keeping a strong sense of community

Rationing, fair slices and portions are represented in architecture as well as food


Nutrition and what we use to fuel our body is one of the important pillars of maintaining a young body. We can see with the food pyramid why the okinawan people live and move so freely and maintain their sharpness in old age.

One of the more striking and powerful traits is the impulse to live a long life. A life with purpose seems to be one of the more powerful keys to longevity. Covering all your bases such as happiness, nutrition and physical activity can diminish most chance of disease and provide you with a body which will give you ease and comfort throughout your lifetime.

Keeping physically well and mentally sharp is a combination of a sense of humor and your cultural view as well as nutrition to keep your body’s chemistry well balanced and optimal for a long life.


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