Top 4 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism is linked with the lymphatic system which is activated through physical movement. The best way to enhance your metabolic rate is through exercise, but sometimes people need a boost to push them in the right direction. This is where natural and potent herbs come in which serve as an energy stabilizing supplement.

Green tea: Green tea in it’s powdered or liquid form is a great way to enhance your immune system as it can increase metabolic rate by 4%. It can also help with many other bodily functions which fight off un-desirables, especially when you explore that this is a staple of the eastern diet where there are significantly less illnesses than in the west.

B vitamins: They are essentials for nervous system health especially b6 and b12 which are responsible for high energy levels, good moods and constant energy.

Ginseng: This powerful eastern herb can be added to teas or even sprinkled onto food. Ginseng has been known to improve mental health, and overall energy levels. Taking ginseng in the liquid form takes less time to take effect, but it can taste very raw to some people, so this is not for the feint hearted.


Lentils: Lentils are a huge immune booster as hey contain much of the protein complex the body needs containing most of the 9 daily amino acids the body needs to complete the protein complex in the body. This can speed up your metabolism as it is an easy food to digest as opposed to meat which is acidic and depletes the body of calcium and can take longer to digest.

Water: The power of water is hugely underrated in western society. Most chemical reactions that occur in the body need water to function optimally. The digestive system needs water, the liver and kidneys need water. Drinking enough water, sweating on a daily basis, early nights and receiving sunlight all work together to purify the body and creates a rich basis from which other supplements work best.

The limphatic system can only be activated and moved through physical movement especially intense movements which makes the body sweat. Anything that can boost your mood and energy to embark on this 30 minute movement daily is a great choice.

Human beings are all one package, if your mental state, your emotional state and your corporal state are in optimal condition, your body will demand exercise from you and it will not become a chore. If you currently feel exercise is a chore, check your energy levels and supplement with as much potent, natural options are possible.

If your energy levels aren’t optimal, this can cause a domino effect which ripples into our emotions, your mental state. This effect can also work the other way round, where your body works for you and pushes you to the next level, turning it into a furnace and burning fat on a constant basis.


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