Top Ways to Eliminate Stretch Marks


Among women, the most common cause of stretch marks is pregnancy and then rapid changes in weight. They affect the dermal layer of your skin. When the skin overstretches, the connective fibers in the skin break apart. This leads to disturbed collagen distribution because of which the skin starts scarring.

The scarring can be white, red, purple, or even pink depending on your skin tone. You might start seeing the symptoms around your belly, breast, thighs, hips, or even buttocks. There is no need to panic, as there are lots of treatments available that can reduce these ugly marks. Laser treatment is one of them.

Often, when women even hear the word laser treatment, they get scared. Most women are reluctant to take this treatment because they doubt the effectiveness and fear the dangers. It is not dangerous at all and it has actually been approved by the FDA (which leads me to believe it to be at least quite effective). The laser technique involves the use of beam of lights.

The beam is thrown on the skin that has been scarred. UV energy triggers the disrupting molecular bonds present in the skin tissues. This works like a charm as the marks fade within no time. The scarring tissues will be replaced by natural skin cells with this treatment.

When you will choose laser treatment, you will observe some changes in your skin. You will notice redness on the affected areas. Don’t get alarmed, this is just because your scarred skin is going to be replaced by new skin. It is totally natural to get redness. This redness will go away within a few days.

The laser treatment does not involve any surgery everything just works with the beam of light thrown through the laser, so the treatment is totally safe. The treatment will be over between 10 minutes and 1 hour. If the stretch marks are severe, then the treatment might be long. You will have to attend 1 to 3 sessions depending on the severity of the marks.

It is said that stretch mark is a cosmetic issue so a cosmetic surgery will help in treating it. There are other natural ways, but Laser treatment is the most effective in removing stretch marks completely, because it helps in stimulating the production of collagen that will fill the stretch marks and you will get rid of the scars soon. The collagen fills the marks and eventually new skin is developed. It’s a no pain method of getting clear skin.

Applying creams for stretch mark removal is not a useful remedy. Keep in mind cosmetic surgery and laser surgery are two different things. You will not have to worry about the expenses because it’s cheaper than the cosmetic treatment. Once the scars are formed, it will not be easy to remove them. Therefore, you must prepare yourself for the laser treatment before the problem gets worst.

If the stretch marks are left untreated, a time will come when they will become worse. Hormonal changes in the body of a female can also result in stretch marks,don’t think that only overweighed or pregnant women are on the brink of getting these ugly marks.


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