Understanding How The Garcinia Supplements Work For Weight Loss?


Garcinia cambogia is a type of vine tree with much resemblance to the pumpkin that yield orange or brown gum resin commonly referred to as gamboge. It is mostly grown in tropical regions such as central Africa, India, and parts of Southeast Asia.

It was introduced to people by physicians and health coaches and popularized on television citing various health benefits such as weight loss which has caused a challenge to many people worldwide.

The extract found from the fruits is usually a pale brown powder that is stable in room temperatures and is found to be soluble in ethanol and water. It can also be stored in containers.

The main ingredient found in these extract is hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is about 50% of the total content. It is a derivative of citric acid and mostly works as weight loss supplement with minimal or no side effects after consumption or use.

How it works to help lose weight

Weight loss has greatly affected people especially the obese who continuously struggle to find a solution to their problem. The HCA extracts reduce appetite and favors low supply of calories and also aids in the breaking down of glucose thus inhibiting them being converted to fats. It mostly helps decrease fats formation by acting on fats cells specifically

HCA is also known to slow and stop conversion of starch to fat inhibiting citrace lyase. If carbohydrates and sugars are not utilized in the body, they are converted to fats, on inhabitation of citrace lyase, the production of fat is cut down and production of bad cholesterol and triglycerides is reduced

Weight loss is reduced by garcinia cambogia is reduced in the following phases

1. It works on your metabolism where it hastens it thus making the fats in your body get converted into useful energy very fast. It then slows the process of fats formation leaving no room for fat formation in your body

2. It prevents you from going back to old habits such as eating more especially to snacks. This extract helps you stop such habits by suppressing your appetite for food and cravings by making you feel full even between meals.

3. It helps you improve your mood by improving the level of serotonin which is responsible for our moods which may cause emotional eating which can translate to weight gain.

Other health benefits include low bad cholesterol and blood pressure, strengthening of the immune system and improvement of your metabolism. This article is aimed at answering the question; does garcinia cambogia work?


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